Föreningen Jakten Brantevik - Segla med Hoppet! 
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Vind: 10.8 m/s i riktning SSE
Lufttryck: 1004.8 hPa
Tid: 14:50 - Torsdag 3/12
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Sail with Hoppet!

EXPERIENCE SAILING history with Hoppet av Brantevik

Enjoy sailing with the gaff cutter Hoppet  av Brantevik  (The Hope of Brantevik) 
with the white sails streaming in the wind above you.

If you would like to assist and set sails or stand at the helm, it is possible without being an experienced sailor. If you just want to sail and relax and enjoy yourself, that’s OK. Our experienced crew will take care of the ship.

From mid-May to late September Hoppet av Brantevik sails mainly in the southern Baltic. The sailings start from Brantevik.

The sailings have different distances and different stops and can vary from some hours up to one more days. Hoppet av Brantevik can take up to 17 persons on a shorter sailing.

It is also possible to rent the cutter both for smaller and larger groups and we can meet your special sailing requirements. Sailings overnight can accommodate 10-12 persons on board depending on the requirements of comfort.


More information at the bottom of the page.
Due to the Corona pandemic, there might be changes in the program.

May 21-23
Spring sailing  CANCELLED!

Bornholm, Christiansö

 June 25-July 5
 Summer sailing CANCELLED!
 Utklippan, coast of Småland, Öland, around Bornholm
 Leaving Brantevik: June 25 at 02.00 PM
 Arrival Brantevik: July 5 around 10.00 AM 
 Price SEK 9 500.-
 Contact Jan Petersson, janpetsson@gmail.com, +46 707-91 66 94

July 15, 22, 29
Christiansö over the day
Breakfast, coffe/tea, light evening meal served on board.
Lunch ashore, not included in the price.
Leaving Brantevik at 06.00 AM
Arrival Brantevik around 09.00 PM
Price SEK 1 000.-
Contact: Marianne Persson, marianne@kfib.org +46 733-09 09 46

July 13, 16, 20, 23, 27, 30
Afternoon sailings, 1.00 - 3.00 PM
Evening sailings, 5.00 PM - 8.00 PM
Experience the beautiful sotheastern coast of Skåne from the sea
Leaving/Arrival: Brantevik
Price SEK 300.- for adult, SEK 100.- for child up to 15
Included in the price:
- Afternoon: soda/coffee/tea and cake
- Evening: soda/beer and hot dog
Contact: Marianne Persson, marianne@kfib.org +46 733-09 09 46

Sept 11-13
Autumn sailing in Hanö Bay
Leaving Brantevik: September 11 at 10.00 AM
Arrival Brantevik: September 13 around 02.00 PM 
Price SEK 1 650.-  
Contact: Jan Petersson, janpetsson@gmail.com, +46 707 91 66 94

Sept 26
Sailing to The Apple Fair in Kivik
Leaving Brantevik at 08.30 AM
Arrival Brantevik around 4.30 PM
Price, members SEK 200.-, non members SEK 500.-
Coffe/tea, small sandwich and cake served on board.
Lunch ashore, not included in the price.
Contact: Jan Petersson, janpetsson@gmail.com, +46 707 91 66 94
Afternoon and evening sails:  Pre-notification not mandatory, but we recommend it. 
One day sailings:  Three days ahead.
Others:  One week ahead.
Are you late? Contact us - maybe we can fix it anyway.

In cash when you board.
To rent Hoppet av Brantevik with crew costs (excluding food and beverages)
  • Short sailings, 3 hours: SEK 4 500.-
  • Whole day: SEK 7 500.-
  • 24 hours trip: SEK 9 750.-

Special sailings: price on request. You can start from Brantevik or from another port on the east/south coast.





Even in a hot summer day it can be cold at sea. A warm sweater and a windproof jacket is good to have. And sun protection.

There are life jackets on board.


Jan Petersson, janpetsson@gmail.com, +46 707 91 66 94
Lars Kindesjö, lk@simris.nu,  +46 705 50 02 65 


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